God’s will

The angel said to Mary, ‘You will conceive and bear a son,’ not ‘Are you willing to conceive and bear a son?’ That is how God’s will comes to us, in the things that happen to us more than in the things we choose! Nothing is impossible to God. In difficult times, it is good to remember that God is […]

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Gospel  by John 8 31-42  When Jesus was talking to the Jews who had believed in him he said if you continue in my word you are truly my disciples you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.  But they did not understand him. They said we are descended  from Abraham we have never been slaves […]

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Jesus is still revealing his identity, but he is also exploring the identity of those he is addressing. Jesus tells us ‘I always do what is pleasing to him’.  What does this tell us about the quality of his relationship with his Father.  Do I know what is pleasing to God in my daily life?  Having loved his own, he […]

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