March 12th: Mark 12:28-34 This reading is another one of Jesus’ stories about love.  Throughout  the Old and New Testaments, love is a key word that practiced perfectly, will lead us to heaven after our own demise.   It takes just three things; love God above all else, love one another and to love ourselves.  It’s simple to understand but […]

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To Complete the law

March 10th.  Matthew 5: 17-19  Today, Jesus tells us about the way we follow God’s law, the commandments.  The 1st and 2nd commandments are the two most important because without love for God and our neighbour, it’s difficult to keep the other commandments.  Try to be aware of your thoughts and especially your judgments.  Pay close attention to the way […]

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First Holy Communion 2021

Making your First Holy Communion in 2021? Register your child for online sacrament classes. Please email us at: with the following information. Simply add the information and we will sort it from there. Please note: we are aiming for an after half-term start via Microsoft Teams. (End of February early March) Name: School: School Year: Phone Number: Email Address […]

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