Welcome to St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Colwyn Bay.  St Joseph’s parish is served by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate and is within Wrexham diocese.

Mass – Friday, 14th August 2020

Journey With The Pope – 15/8/2020

SATURDAY AUGUST 15, 2020  “The coronavirus is not the only disease to be fought, but rather, the pandemic has shed light on broader social ills. One of these is a distorted view of the person, a perspective that ignores the dignity and relational character of the person.” Pope Francis  INSTAGRAM AUGUST 12, 2020 Photograph from Bolivia  Solemnity of the Assumption […]

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Journey With The Pope – 14/8/2020

FRIDAY AUGUST 14, 2020  “Jesus is the Father’s hand who never abandons us, the strong and faithful hand of the Father, who always and only wants what is good for us. God is not in the loud sound, God is not the hurricane, He is not in the fire, He is not in the earthquake – … God is the […]

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Journey With The Pope – 12/8/2020

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 12, 2020  “I hope that during this time many will be able to have a few days of rest and contact with nature, in which the spiritual dimension may also be recharged. At the same time I hope that, with the converging commitment of all political and economic leaders, work might resume: families and society cannot continue without […]

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Journey With The Pope – 11/8/2020

TUESDAY AUGUST 11, 2020  “How important it is to always put God’s forgiveness, which ‘generates heaven’ in us and around us, back at the centre, this pardon that comes from God’s heart who is merciful!” Pope Francis  ANGELUS AUGUST 2, 2020 Memorial of Saint Clare, Virgin   Psalm 119 How sweet to my taste is your promise! In the way […]

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Journey With The Pope – 10/8/2020

MONDAY AUGUST 10, 2020  “I would like to invite the young to perform a gesture of tenderness towards the elderly especially the loneliest, in their homes and residences, those who have not seen their loved ones for many months.  Dear young people each one of these elderly people is your grandparent!  Do not leave them by themselves.  Use the inventiveness […]

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Fear and Faith

Gospel Reflection for Sunday August 9th 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time   We are all now experiencing a ‘new normal.’ We may still be feeling unsure and anxious. Can we stretch out our hand to Jesus as we hear him say to each of us, ‘Courage! It is I! Do not be afraid.’ Whatever storms we are experiencing today, we are not […]

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Journey With The Pope – 9/8/2020

SUNDAY AUGUST 9, 2020  “It is noteworthy how close the link is between the Eucharistic bread, nourishment for eternal life, and daily bread, necessary for earthly life. Before offering Himself to the Father as the Bread of salvation, Jesus ensures there is food for those who follow Him and who, in order to be with Him, forgot to make provisions. […]

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