Welcome to St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Colwyn Bay.  St Joseph’s parish is served by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate and is within Wrexham diocese.

Sunday Mass ~ 25th October 2020

Love of God and others

Gospel Reflection for Sunday October 25th 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time Loving others as Jesus asks is not easy, especially when he asks us to love not only our friends, strangers, those who are poor, but also our enemies. This is the cost of being a Christian. Jesus never said that being one of his followers was going to be […]

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Church Closed – Masses Available Online

Due to the latest lockdown rules our church is currently closed. Celebration of Holy Mass will be available online during this period. Current Timetable All Masses and services will be Livestreamed through our Facebook page and available on our YouTube Channel shortly afterwards.    Weekdays – Mass, 11am  Saturday – Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, 11am Saturday – Rosary, 6pm Sunday – Mass, 11am  Sunday – Children’s […]

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Journey With The Pope – 24/10/2020

SATURDAY OCTOBER 24, 2020  ““The Lord listens”: sometimes in prayer it is enough to know this. Problems are not always solved. Those who pray are not deluded: they know that many questions of life down here remain unresolved, with no way out; suffering will accompany us and, after one battle, others will await us. But if we are listened to, […]

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October 2020 – Lockdown Newsletter

Dear Parishioners, We invite you to read our latest newsletter for October 2020 (below) which includes a schedule of online Services and Masses to be Livestreamed on Facebook and available to view on YouTube. This edition also includes an urgent appeal for the Parish Food Bank and the Christmas Toy appeal run by the St Vincent de Paul Society and […]

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Journey With The Pope – 11/10/2020

SUNDAY OCTOBER 11, 2020  “What is true, noble, just, pure, lovable, honored; that which is virtue and deserves praise, may all this be the daily object of our commitment (cf. Phil 4,8). I repeat: what is true, noble, just, pure, lovable, honored; what is virtue and deserves praise, may all this be the daily object of our commitment… In this […]

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THIS IS AN URGENT APPEAL ON BEHALF OF THE ST.JOSEPH’S COMMUNITY CONNECT & THE ST.VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY FOOD STORE. During recent weeks with a local lockdown and an increase in individuals and families who are having to self isolate, we have seen an increase in demand for the use of our food store. Attached is a document detailing the […]

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God requests the pleasure of your company

Gospel Reflection for Sunday October 11th 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time In this Sunday’s gospel, we hear another parable – this time about preparing for and attending a great wedding feast at the invitation of the King. It is through how we live our daily lives and treat others that we prepare for the fullness of God’s Banquet and Kingdom. Each […]

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Journey With The Pope – 10/10/2020

SATURDAY OCTOBER 10, 2020  “Prayer is not about locking oneself up with the Lord to make one’s soul appear beautiful: no, this is not prayer, this is false prayer. Prayer is a confrontation with God, and letting oneself be sent to serve one’s brothers and sisters. The proof of prayer is the real love of one’s neighbour. And vice versa: […]

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Journey With The Pope – 8/10/2020

THURSDAY OCTOBER 8, 2020  “Conversion, changing the heart, is a process, a process that purifies us from moral encrustations. And at times it is a painful process, because there is no path of holiness without some sacrifice and without a spiritual battle. Battling for good; battling so as not to fall into temptation; doing for our part what we can, […]

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