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Reflection (3rd Sunday of Lent) – Fr. Vimal OMI

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Today during this holy Eucharistic celebration, I was attracted by a woman. To be very honest with you all, I don’t know her name. The name is not given. But I know for sure from where she comes from. She hails from the famous place called Samaria which is located in the land of Israel. That is […]

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Reflection for the 2nd week of lent… Fr. Vimal OMI

Dear Brothers and Sisters,  Now we are in the second week of lent. I would like to welcome you all to be active participants in carrying out the Lenten duties during this week. Last Sunday we had a beautiful reading about the temptations of Jesus in the wilderness. The wilderness was the focussed place in the first Sunday of the Lent. […]

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Going Viral!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ, At present, Corona Virus is the talk of the town. The mass media confirms that it is a dreadful disease which is spreading out in many countries. Some do believe that it came from a person or a group of people from a particular country then it started to spread out from person […]

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Welcome Father Vimal

A warm welcome to Fr. Vimal who is working at St. Joseph’s on vital outreach projects in the parish and the community. Look out for Fr. Vimal’s blog coming soon on our website, beginning with an introductory biography. We hope Father finds his time here interesting, engaging and welcoming.

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