Going Viral!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ,

At present, Corona Virus is the talk of the town. The mass media confirms that it is a dreadful disease which is spreading out in many countries. Some do believe that it came from a person or a group of people from a particular country then it started to spread out from person to person. A wave of panic is slowly creeping into our hearts and minds of many people. As a result, governments from all over the world are trying their best individually and collectively to wipe out this dreadful disease.

Today the second reading from the leader of St. Paul to the Romans, speaks of a Corona virus. What is the Corona Virus? The name of the Corona Virus is Sin. The sin of disobedience to God. It is written in the letter to the Romans that Sin entered the world through one man, and through sin – death and thus death has spread through the whole human race because everyone has sinned. Let us not forget that through one person, sin has entered to the whole of humanity, and like a virus it has been passed on to a generation to another generation. That is why still we suffer from the bondage of the sinfulness.

In the first reading from the book of Genesis, it is said that our first parents were created without sin and they were left in the garden of Eden. Adam, his wife Eve and the cunning serpent were individually and collectively responsible for the sin which is like virus spreading in the universe in many forms up to now.

Don’t we have means and ways to avoid the sin. Yes, it is an individual and collective responsibility of us.

Before taking efforts to wipe away the sin, we need to have a clear understanding about the sin and the new faces of sin. In October 1946 through the Radio Message to the Participants in the National Catechetical Congress of the United States in Boston, Pope Pius XII spoke a prophetic word about sin that is: “Perhaps the greatest sin in the world today is that men and women have begun to lose the sense of sin.” This verse can be applied even now. Do we have the sense of sins?

During the season of the lent we are always invited to repent from our sin. But we are not aware of the sin that we are committing. We need to open our eyes and see the sins that we commit against God, oneself, humanity, universe etc. Some of them are very subjective and some of them are very objective. It is our individual and collective responsibility to work on our personal holiness and the holiness of the universe.

We commit sin but the mercy and grace of God save us.

Jesus came as an answer to the question of sin. Sin could not overcome him. When he was about to start his public ministry he was tested and tempted by evil power. Today’s Gospel reading dramatically pictures to us the temptation of Jesus. He was compelled to sin but his communication with the Father through his prayer helped him not to fall at the feet of the evil power. And the angels were very close to him. It is our belief that if we have personal and close communication with God through prayer, he sends his angels through various forms to protect us when we face troubles in our lives.

Jesus saved the whole humanity through his grace. His valuable blood saved us. As we are in the season of lent which is given to us for our repentance, let us ask for God’s mercy and Grace. He is always ready to welcome us with open hands. I am sure that You all are ready and willing to come to him because you all are present here. I appreciate your attentive presence in the church. God bless you.

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