To Complete the law

March 10th.  Matthew 5: 17-19  Today, Jesus tells us about the way we follow God’s law, the commandments.  The 1st and 2nd commandments are the two most important because without love for God and our neighbour, it’s difficult to keep the other commandments. 

Try to be aware of your thoughts and especially your judgments.  Pay close attention to the way we judge people especially the ones we don’t like very much.  We are not their judge, God is our one and only judge.

He knows we are not perfect and keeping the commandments all of the time can be difficult, after all, we are human.  However, we can do our best each day to love one another and not be too eager to judge.

Remember the people who have gone before us, people we have known and those we have not known.  We are all  God’s children. 

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  • james mc coll

    Wise words Father.
    Also challenging words.
    I try but fail quite often.
    As you say,being human,we will fail.
    But it helps to remember our loved ones who gone before us.

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