March 12th: Mark 12:28-34

This reading is another one of Jesus’ stories about love.  Throughout  the Old and New Testaments, love is a key word that practiced perfectly, will lead us to heaven after our own demise.  

It takes just three things; love God above all else, love one another and to love ourselves.  It’s simple to understand but not always easy to follow after all, we are sinners.  Jesus redeemed us, He left us many gifts through His Holy Spirit one being, the  gift of forgiveness.

As part of our Lenten prayer, let’s give ourselves time to contemplate on that beautiful word called, ‘love,’ keeping God our Father first, now and always.  And try to find it in our own hearts not only to forgive our neighbour but also, to love them.

May the souls of the faithful departed, rest in eternal peace.  Amen. (Wendy)

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