“When two or more are gathered in my name I am there in their midst!”

Dear Friends,

It is upsetting, that we can’t go inside our church(es). We understand that. All places of worship in the UK are closed by government directive so there can be no services or meetings held on the premises. Shops, such as DIY stores that are open are only selling essential items for people who need to make urgent repairs to their homes, Supermarkets, and newsagents are open for food and groceries, newspapers etc. Chemists for picking up prescriptions, etc. As the government has said, it is recommend going out ONLY if you really need to. We’ve all received a dispensation from attending mass and therefore visiting the church is not essential. We’d all love to be at our church, but it’s really not worth the risk. Also, essential visits to shops are generally done by one member of the household, not an entire family! Some shops are making children stand outside. Remember this: All it would take is one family to visit the church, one child/adult to touch a pew or door handle and then the next family/individual who comes along catches it. We can’t take any chances. We would hate to think we’d put anyone at risk/potentially killed someone because we were feeling scrupulous and “needed” to visit the church. We all need a gentle reminder that there are so many things we can do as a family to bring us closer to God without putting the community and themselves at risk of this awful virus. You could: could set up a home altar, pray the rosary, sing some hymns, read some scriptures etc!!

Remember what we are told! “When two or more are gathered in my name I am there in their midst!” God is everywhere!

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