The Transfiguration

The Transfiguration: It is good that we are here

In the gospel this Sunday, Jesus takes some of his friends away from the noise and business of the market place and walks with them up the mountain. The mountain in the bible is the place from where God speaks and where God is experienced. It was on Mount Sinai that Moses spoke to God and the Covenant was sealed. On Mount Zion King David built Solomon’s Temple. Jesus preached The Beatitudes in the Sermon from the Mount and Jesus was crucified on the Mount of Olives. Today in the gospel Jesus is transformed on Mount Tabor. During their time on the mountain those with Jesus encounter and experience him in a new and radical way. They hear and see something out of the ordinary that both encourages and challenges them.

While they are with Jesus he is changed and transformed; his appearance is transfigured before their very eyes. Imagine their shock and surprise! Then they hear these powerful words from God; ‘This is my Son, the beloved, he enjoys my favour. Listen to him’.

These words are as powerful now as when those with Jesus first heard them and they are as still relevant today for us. During Lent, God calls and asks us to listen to Jesus as he carries and his cross and makes his way Jerusalem and his crucifixion. Jesus says this to us this Lent and every Lent, ‘if you want to be my disciples, come, take up your cross and follow me.’ These are the very words that he spoke to his followers in the gospels and these are very same words that he speaks to us today.

Today, because of so many different forms and sorts of media, we are surrounded and being bombarded with all sorts of messages, not all of them good for us. During Lent, can we take a little time each day to simply sit in quiet prayer as we listen to Jesus speaking to us? Can we do what God asks of us; listen to Jesus his beloved Son?

For Prayerful Consideration:

I try to sit silently in prayer today; what might Jesus, the Beloved Son of God want to say to me today personally?
How will I respond to what Jesus says to me or asks me today?
-Br Michael Moore OMI

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