The tiny mustard seed and the yeast

Gospel Reflection for Sunday July 19th

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

It would be a mistake to think that it takes big projects and actions to bring about change. The smallest of actions and gestures can have a huge impact on those around us. Each of us is capable of bringing about change one small action at a time. Small acts of kindness and generosity, when multiplied by millions, can and will transform our own lives, the lives of those around and indeed the whole world.

I invite you to read my gospel reflection for this Sunday.

With every blessing,

Br Michael Moore OMI


Gospel Reflection:

The tiny mustard seed and the yeast

In the gospel last Sunday, Jesus spoke about the seed as the Word of God. Today we continue with this theme and message as Jesus carries on talking about sowing seeds among weeds. He also uses two other very important images; the tiny mustard seed and yeast used for making bread.

Traditionally, the mustard seed is the smallest of seeds, and some would say the most insignificant.

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