The seed is the Word of God

Gospel Reflection for Sunday July 12th

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

When the word of God that is sown in us is cared for, it will produce life-giving fruits in our lives, not just for ourselves but also for others. The effects of the word of God will be seen in the quality of our daily lives, the work of our hands and in how we treat each other. As Jesus tells us; ‘By their fruits you will know them.’
I invite you to read my gospel reflection for this Sunday.

With every blessing,

Br Michael Moore OMI

Gospel Reflection:

The seed is the Word of God

Jesus was a great story teller. His words and parables astonished those who listened to him. In Mark’s gospel we are told, ‘the people who heard him were amazed at the way he taught… he taught with authority.’ (1.22).

To use a modern phrase, he knew his audience well. He used symbols, words and images that they knew from their own daily working lives. He spoke about food and wine, bread and cooking, fishing, shepherds and sheep. In the gospel today, Jesus uses the farming image of sowing seeds to speak about a much deeper reality; the word of God.  Continue reading…

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