The Lord’s Vineyard

Gospel Reflection for Sunday October 4th

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

For the third Sunday in a row, Jesus offers us another parable about a vineyard. 

Regardless of who we are or from where we come, are all a part of the vineyard that is the Kingdom of God. Each of us is now called, invited and yes, even challenged to cooperate with others to cultivate, build and promote God’s Kingdom. It is not our right, it is our responsibility.

Please enjoy my gospel reflection for this Sunday.

With every blessing,

Br Michael Moore OMI


Gospel Reflection:

The Lord’s Vineyard

The image and symbol of the vineyard begins in the first reading today from the Prophet Isaiah. ‘The Song of the Vineyard’ as it is called tells the story of man who carefully dug the soil, cleared the stones and planted the best vines. He does this in the hope that it will produce the best of grapes. Sadly it produced the sourest of grapes. When Jesus speaks to the chief priests and the elders in the gospel, he retells this story knowing well they were familiar with its origin but not its deeper meaning.

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