The Holocaust Trail Tour

Tour by Leger Travel Group

Operating out of St. Joseph’s Colwyn Bay,

under the direction of Fr. Frank Ryan, OMI

This 13 day tour is one of the most unique and concentrated examination’s of the Nazi reign of terror during the Second World War. This is a very challenging tour which looks at the nature of evil, and the industry designed to eliminate all opposition to the State. This is a trip definitely not for faint hearts, and no matter how tough you are, the ‘you’ that starts will be different to the ‘you’ that gets back.

Take a look at the provisional
itinerary –

Day 1
Travel to an overnight hotel in Belgium.

Day 2
We depart for Nuremberg, arriving late afternoon, and checking into our hotel for two nights.

Day 3
Today we visit the sites connected with the Nuremberg Rallies in the 1930s. Once the Nazis came to power, this became a focal point for the National Socialist movement, which rallies on open parkland and in the specially constructed area at the Zeppelinfeld. We see the remaining structures connected with this and visit the “National Socialist Memorial” exhibition, and later travel to where the Nuremberg Trials took place after the war, seeing the Visitor’s Centre and Courtroom (subject to trials taking place).

Day 4
We depart Nuremberg for Munich, and look at the early history of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, seeing the area connected to the 1932 Putsch including the Field Marshall’s Hall at Odeonplatz. We look at the site of the National Socialist Headquarters, the memorials where the ‘heroes of the Putsch’ were buried, later demolished by the Americans, but the base of them is still visible, and visit the Brown House Visitor’s Centre where we learn about the Munich Crisis in the 1930s. We then check into our hotel for three nights.

Day 5
This morning we travel to Dachau, just outside Munich, to look at the history of the Holocaust and the role of this camp and the wider Nazi Regiment in the murder of over six million Jews across Europe. In the afternoon we meet with a local parish (? to be arranged by group). Later we look at the area near the station in Munich and the story of the school of Joseph Ratzinger.

Day 6
Today we travel through Austria to the Eagle’s Nest (weather permitting), built for Hitler’s fiftieth birthday. We also take time to see the visitors’ centre and tunnels in Berchtesgarden, we look at the story of Hitler’s sister, Paula, and see the stunning war memorial murals in the main square.

Day 7
We depart Munich for Mauthausen Concentration Camp, where we look at the history of the camp and visit the Memorial. We then have an overnight at Linz.

Day 8
Today we travel to Krakow, visit the grave of Pope John Paul II, and then check into our hotel for two nights.

Day 9
We have a full day today at Auschwitz, visiting Auschwitz I with a fully guided tour, and later we travel to Auschwitz-Birkenau to walk the camp, see the memorials at The Ramp, and see the site of the gas chambers and crematoriums, where we come to terms with this darkest chapter of the Second World War.

Day 10
We travel to Berlin today, arriving late afternoon, and visit the Holocaust Memorial and the area around the Brandberg Gate before travelling through Central Berlin and checking into our hotel for two nights.

Day 11
Today we look at the history of the Holocaust around Berlin, visiting the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp in the morning, and then travelling to Ravensbruck to visit the Women’s Camp, including where a number of SOE Agents were held, and some being murdered here including Violette Szabo GC.

Day 12
We depart Berlin for an overnight stay in Belgium.

Day 13
Return to UK

This is a provisional itinerary and no date has been set but if conditions are right (and safe) we hope it will be in the Autumn.

The cost for coach transport with guide, bed, continental breakfast, is estimated at £1,500 based on 43 travelling. (Other personal costs need to be added i.e. Insurance, food, etc.

If interested please email our office email address: – giving your details and we will keep you informed.

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