Challenge Injustice

Wednesday April 8th Today’s reflection: “What will YOU give ME if I betray him to you? Matthew 26:15 The conversation Judas had with the Chief Priests is still very real today. Sadly, there is greed amongst us as trades people use cheap labour and drive out the poor from their neighbourhoods since their lands hold precious gold, silver, diamonds, pearls…. […]

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Journey with the Pope – Palm Sunday – 5/4/2020

SUNDAY, APRIL 5, 2020 “Our Lady never asked anything for herself — never. Yes, She did for others. We think of Cana, when She goes to speak to Jesus. She never said: ‘I am the Mother; look at me, I will be the Queen Mother.’ She never said it. She doesn’t ask for something important for herself… She only accepts […]

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