Gospel Reflection for Easter Sunday April 12th

Feast of the Resurrection of Our Lord from the dead An Irish poet, Patrick Kavanagh said that God is in the bits and piece of every day. Perhaps now, more than ever, the resurrection can be celebrated in the bits and pieces of our everyday lives and more simpler ways. It would have been wonderful to gather in churches with […]

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Holy Saturday April 10th Today’s reflection: “Come to see the place where he lay.” Matthew 28:6 The empty tomb symbolises a place and space of WAITING for the Risen Lord. Think of ONE person who waits for you in order to affirm your dreams and aspirations. Give thanks to God for that particular person. God bless, The Oblate Partners in […]

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Challenge Injustice

Wednesday April 8th Today’s reflection: “What will YOU give ME if I betray him to you? Matthew 26:15 The conversation Judas had with the Chief Priests is still very real today. Sadly, there is greed amongst us as trades people use cheap labour and drive out the poor from their neighbourhoods since their lands hold precious gold, silver, diamonds, pearls…. […]

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