“In the Eye of the Storm”

On Holy Saturday (March 31st) at 11am in the Parish Community Centre, a special Presentation and Discussion, led by Fr Frank Ryan will take place. Entitled “In the Eye of the Storm”, the session will first involve participants being provided with an envelope of study materials. These will contain a list of prophesies from the Old Testament, which will indicate the […]

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Holy Week 2018

Here are the times for Masses and services during Holy Week.  This Holy week is the high point of our year – the completion and the new beginning of our celebration of living in Christ. It is a week of two halves: In the first half, starting Palm Sunday, we complete our Lenten preparation of ‘dying to sin’, so that […]

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Stations of the Cross – Week 3

“A painful journey towards healing” Last week’s Stations of the Cross was presented by Bright Lights Youth Group and the theme was “The Family’s Way of the Cross – Praying on this journey as a family”. It was well attended by the children and their families from Bright Lights as well as members of the wider parish community. Thank you […]

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