“Doing a 12 hour shift in this kit is hard work but I work with an amazing team who get on with it and don’t moan. One thing that makes me sad is how hard it must be for the patient staring up at us, we smile under our masks to show them reassurance but they unfortunately won’t see that smile hidden under our PPE. This weekend when the weather is nice I beg you all please please stay in your garden and enjoy the sunshine stay home and stay well ❤️❤️ ITU NHS x” – Simone Goodwin


Here is a message from one of our own parish community who is bravely risking her own life with so many thousands on the frontline, treating those with Coronavirus (Covid-19) in ITU. We thank her and all of the NHS staff for their selflessness and dedication to save lives during this difficult time.

Please listen to her! STAY SAFE, STAY AT HOME!

We will keep Simone and all of the frontline key workers in our prayers.

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