Stations of the Cross – Week 3

“A painful journey towards healing”

Last week’s Stations of the Cross was presented by Bright Lights Youth Group and the theme was “The Family’s Way of the Cross – Praying on this journey as a family”. It was well attended by the children and their families from Bright Lights as well as members of the wider parish community. Thank you to the children for leading the stations last week.

Saturday, 3rd March at 11am

Tomorrow’s Stations of the Cross will be presented by members from both The Knights of St Columba & The St Vincent De Paul Society. The theme will be “Homeless & Disempowered”. 

Being reminded of the weight that Jesus bore for the sake of our salvation. You are invited to experience suffering from a new perspective, through the eyes of those living in severe poverty and those who are dis-empowered in our own community.

You can find out more about our parish Knights of St Columba group and our parish St Vincent De Paul Society by visiting their pages on our site.


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