St. Joseph’s Church at Easter

This Picture, very kindly supplied to us by Sister Clare was taken last Easter, 2019. It is a glorious picture. While this Easter all places of worship are closed the Universal Church is not about buildings it is about the body of the Church. Our clergy and laity. You and me.
So the church will always thrive and soar. We are blessed with a brilliant community.
Father Frank and Father Vimal are offering us reflections and Holy Mass online. On our Facebook page and on our YouTube channel.

We pray our home rosary each day at 6pm. So this Easter our church is connected. We have a duty to the wider community. People of all faiths and none in this time of crisis as always. Our ‘St. Joseph’s Connect’ Facebook group is to signpost and connect those who need help with those who can help them. Please visit this FB group.

Our living church is at the centre of our lives today this Easter and always.


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