Petition to Protect School Funding

Yesterday, a letter went out to the parents of our primary school highlighting the impact of devastating budget cuts on the education of all school children within our community.

The letter, signed by both the Chair of Governors and Headteacher at St Joseph’s Primary, warned parents it is now “make or break time for our schools”. This followed a similar move by all Headteachers in Secondary schools across Conwy last Tuesday when letters were circulated to parents regarding the same issue. 

A real terms budget cut of between 3.6% and 4% is anticipated this year. The letter warned that this would put “increased pressure on school budgets” and cut services that support “our most vulnerable young people and their families”.

“The financial situation has become critical. Sadly, some staff will be made redundant due to these cuts and schools are facing a deficit budget year on year which, simply put, means that they will have less money than they need to ensure that they have the necessary staff and resources to deliver their current programmes of teaching and learning.”

The letter went on to say that the cuts would result in larger class sizes, fewer teachers and support staff, buildings falling into disrepair, a reduction in support for pupils with Additional Learning and Well-being needs, cuts to support staff and fewer trips and after school activities. 

A link to the following petition was included in the letter which asked parents to sign it.

Petition: “Protect school funding or admit to the weakening of service provision”

The petition calls upon the Welsh Government to protect school funding. We would ask parishioners and their families to also please consider signing the above petition to support the school.

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