Pentecost International Mass & Lunch

“Where all languages proclaim the good news of Christ, together in the Holy Spirit.”

The feast of Pentecost will be celebrated this year on Sunday 20th May. As in previous years, we will be celebrating with our International themed Mass and shared buffet lunch afterwards. This is a highlight in our church calendar and enjoyed by the whole community! 
Our Pentecost mass will feature readings and hymns in various languages to represent the diversity of our community here at St Joseph’s. You are encouraged to attend in your national dress. We would also appreciate if you could bring a flag from your country to display in the church. These can be dropped off at the presbytery by Friday, 18th May (with your name and number clipped on).
The mass will be immediately followed by an International Buffet-style Lunch in the school hall. Please bring a national dish to share and if possible sign up early using the sheets on the notice board at the back of the church. This will allow you to let us know the type of dish you will be bringing so we can plan for space and variety. Dishes can be brought into the school hall before Mass begins. Each item should come with a serving utensil and a table card to let everyone know the name of the dish, it’s ingredients and perhaps some description of things like spicy, vegetarian, vegan, etc.
We will also require help to set up the school hall the day before and tidy up at the end. If you can lend us a hand please speak to Bill Fortin or Shelagh Murray or contact the presbytery.  

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