Parish Lockdown Update

Whilst places of Worship will be open for private prayer in ENGLAND from Monday-next, Churches in Wales will NOT be re-opening for the time being.

Churches all over the UK are now looking at the essential social distancing that will be critical as and when Churches re-open.Each place of worship has it’s own challenges in devising a plan.

Our Diocese and our Church will be carefully exploring the systems which will
need to be put in place to facilitate private prayer when churches in Wales eventually do re-open.

This will mean limiting numbers attending to a fraction of those that were the norm pre-lockdown.

So we must all be prepared for a very different way of life in our churches.

Church teams will always put health and safety first.

We hope that when our church eventually does open for private prayer we will all understand why these limitations are in place.

Stay safe and God Bless us all.

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  • Millie Evans.

    I agree that we should take the re-opening of our church very slowly. We have a wonderfully large attendance to our Sunday Masses and it would not be safe for our two priests Fr. Frank and Fr. Vimal to be taking any risks with both there lives and ours. Stay locked down and stay safe. We all can take part in our daily Masses and say the Rosary as often as we wish from our homes. God Bless both of you Fr.Frank and Fr.Vimal.

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