Lord of Life and Giver of All Good

Lord of Life and Giver of All Good,

through the intercession of Mary Immaculate,

St. Eugene and the Blessed Oblates,

we turn to you to ask for the grace of your protection for us

and for every person in the world.

We pray to you for all those who are affected by this virus

so that they will recover. We entrust to you those who are

                                                                                     most committed to dealing with the emergency of the

                                                              epidemic; the rulers, scientists, doctors, nurses, law

                                                              enforcement agencies and those who, in various ways, are

                                                              involved in the collaboration.


                                                              Support those who suffer most from the consequences of the

                                                              economic damage, especially the poor, in your providence.

                                                              In your goodness have mercy on all those who have died, and

                                                              relieve the pain of those who suffer from the loss of their

                                                              loved ones. Do not let us be discouraged, but give us the

                                                              grace to trust you, and to contribute, as much as we can, to

                                                              the good of others. To you we entrust our life and the life of

                                                              the whole world and we pray that, in facing this moment

                                                              together, people may grow in solidarity and in peace.

                                                              The Oblates – United in Prayer – #COVID-19

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