I noticed just today a little crocus had emerged through the leaves of last fall, and I knew Winter was over and Spring was not far away. It had a white colour which was dominated by purple, that now glistened in a burst of sunlight that pierced the clouds. The glory of God was revealed.

Purple is of course the liturgical colour for advent and lent; times of preparation and penance. A time when we discard the parts of life which are dead and lead to destruction. Through our Lenten process these past experiences are converted into nourishment for who we want to be… with God’s grace. In God’s ecological system nothing is discarded, not even our sins. The Lenten process is a 40 day programme towards reform.

It is not a time to beat ourselves up. There is enough violence in the world and it is not a good foundation for reform. We need to get in touch with our inner self and love it better. The ‘penance bit’ is not allowing distractions to thwart our inner goal. Even Jesus, in the desert, had to set aside well focused temptations. Getting to that goal is worth it. You are worth it.

Let your rejoicing this Easter be a celebration of your wholeness!

Fr Frank Ryan OMI

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