Journey With The Pope – 8/9/2020


“For Peter and the other disciples – but for us too! – the cross is a ‘hindrance’, whereas Jesus considers the ‘hindrance’ escaping the cross, which would mean avoiding the Father’s will, the mission that the Father has entrusted to Him for our salvation.  It happens to us all! In moments of devotion, of fervour, of good will, of closeness to our neighbour, we look to Jesus and we go forward; but in moments in which we approach the cross, we flee. The devil, Satan — as Jesus says to Peter — tempts us. It is typical of the evil spirit, it is typical of the devil to make us stray from the cross, from the cross of Jesus.”

Pope Francis 



Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary    

Psalm 13

(Isaiah 61:10)  With delight I rejoice in the Lord.

Though I trusted in your mercy,
let my heart rejoice in your salvation.

With delight I rejoice in the Lord.

Let me sing of the LORD, “He has been good to me.”

With delight I rejoice in the Lord.

Blessings from Team MISSIO!

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