“In the Eye of the Storm”

On Holy Saturday (March 31st) at 11am in the Parish Community Centre, a special Presentation and Discussion, led by Fr Frank Ryan will take place.

Entitled “In the Eye of the Storm”, the session will first involve participants being provided with an envelope of study materials. These will contain a list of prophesies from the Old Testament, which will indicate the kind of death Christ would suffer. Jesus tried several times to inform his Apostles that he had to fulfil the ‘law and the prophets’. The Apostles did not comprehend the events of Good Friday.

The second set of papers in the envelope will be a profile of the Apostles less Judas. There will be a discussion among the Apostles about their understanding of what has happened; remembering they were not aware that the resurrection would happen on Sunday. If the envelope you are given has a red marker next to the name of an Apostle then you have been selected to be that apostle and will be invited to join in the discussion. Others in the ‘audience’ will get a chance to listen to what the panel think the Apostles were discussing at that fearful time and get a chance to give their own reaction.

This is a serious event but totally exploratory. It is not a test of anyone’s knowledge of scripture. The challenge is to discover how people of faith handle crisis situations when they have lost all their safety support systems. This session will not last more than 90 minutes.

You can sign up to attend this free event on the notice board at the back of the church or alternatively you can fill out the contact form here to leave us a message and let us know you are coming.

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