Holy Week Mass Tickets

Holy Week Tickets for ALL Masses

If you would like to come to Masses during Holy Week

We have 56 SPACES ONLY per Mass!

You need to email:

office@stjosephsrcc.org.uk to reserve your space!

The times are as follows:

Palm Sunday (Saturday) 6pm 27 March
Palm Sunday 9am – 28 March
Palm Sunday 11am – 28 March
Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday) 6pm please note that the Eucharistic Ministers and Readers will have priority due to recommitment to this ministry
Good Friday 2nd April – 3pm
Easter Vigil – 3rd April – 7pm
Easter Sunday 4th April – 9am & 11am

Again: Please email us at the church to book! Once you have booked we will issue tickets which you will be able to collect at the Masses.

Thank you and God Bless


  • John Lewis

    We know that the Easter Sunday Mass will be broadcast as usual. Will the Good Friday and Holy Saturday services also be on-line?
    The reason I ask is because we have decided to continue with a personal lockdown as we are not confident that the general public will take the ongoing restrictions seriously.. Sadly we would not be attending Mass even if tickets were available.

    • Gemma MacLean

      Hello John,

      As far as we are aware, all services are being streamed on Facebook over Easter.

      Holy Thursday – Thursday 1st April – 6PM
      Good Friday – 2nd April – 3PM
      Easter Vigil – Saturday 3rd April – 7PM
      Easter Sunday Mass – 4th April – 11AM.

      Happy Easter! Stay safe, God Bless.

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