Henryk Szymura – R.I.P

RIP – Henryk Szymura
Died: 28 June 2020
Aged 96

Funeral: Thursday, 16 July 2020 at Colwyn Bay Crematorium

Henryk Szymura

First school was Ligotska and he enjoyed history and geography.

He dreamed of being a forester and was scared of leaving Poland.

That region of Poland was under German administration at the start of the war in 39. Dad’s dad was a manager in the local mine. He was responsible for the stores and logistics.

Who knows what happened in the war years but we know dad ended up in Italy with the Polish Free Army.

Suspect he was conscripted into the German Army.

He came to England at the end of the war and stayed at Copthorne. I’ve a photo of him clearing snow for the council. Ended up in Little Horton, Branford at some point and worked in a bakery.

He loved politics and classical music and his hobbies were ice skating and reading and cycling and he was desperate to became a British Citizen.

Saving money was very important to him and he didn’t like to spend any money!!

His favourite food was pork escalopes and sauté potatoes. Mum was 18 when she met dad who was 29. They met in the New Victoria Ballroom, Bradford.

They moved to Catford, SE London. Dad worked as a capstan lathe setter and operator for Wayne and Co, American petrol pump Manu. Moved to Bracknell with Wayne and Co in 57/58. First car was a ford Anglia estate which made it all the way to Poland and back in the mid- 60s with us three boys and mum. It took three days to get there.

Dad worked for Wayne and Co which became Dresser Wayne all his working life when he was made redundant at 60. The same day he got another job at Plint and Partners in Wokingham working a capstan lathe. He was the only one who knew how to operate the machine. He worked up to the age of 70 when he retired.

One of my vivid memories is of Mark and I being locked out all night because dad had gone to bed and we were not back from where ever we went to. Gate was bolted but we got some deck chair from the shed and spent all night in the garden waiting for the paper shop to open at 4am. Dad was always banging on the ceiling for us to turn the music down.

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