Gospel Reflection for Sunday May 3rd

Gospel Reflection for Sunday May 3rd
The Fourth Sunday of Easter

Now more than ever we need to turn to Jesus for safety, protection and reassurance. We can’t get through this difficult and often stressful time on our own or by ourselves. Jesus is the one who calls us by our name and invites us to follow him. He will always protect us and lead us to safety. He will not desert nor abandon us.

I hope you enjoy my short reflection on this Sunday’s gospel.

With every blessing,
Br Michael Moore OMI

Following Jesus and listening to him

The theme and message of the readings today is simple enough; the shepherd, the sheep and the gate to the sheepfold.

In the first reading from the letter of St. Peter, says, ‘You had all gone astray like sheep but now you have come back to the shepherd and guardian of your souls.’

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