Gospel Reflection for Easter Sunday April 12th

Feast of the Resurrection of Our Lord from the dead

An Irish poet, Patrick Kavanagh said that God is in the bits and piece of every day. Perhaps now, more than ever, the resurrection can be celebrated in the bits and pieces of our everyday lives and more simpler ways.

It would have been wonderful to gather in churches with our parish communities to celebrate Easter, but that was not to be, but this does not stop us of from celebrating the love, life and presence of God in our own homes around our table with our families. The church is not the building, we are the Church. We are the Body of Christ, wherever we are..
I hope you enjoy my short reflection on this Sunday’s gospel.

Happy Easter!

With every blessing,
Br Michael Moore OMI


Gospel Reflection:

The Joy and New Life of the Resurrection…
Today is Easter Sunday; today is the day of New Life and Resurrection. Sadly though, perhaps in our own families, parish, countries and certainly the wider world, people are facing and dealing with the effects and reality of the Corona virus. How do we experience and celebrate the new life, joy and resurrection when the news around is often the very opposite?

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