Fear and Faith

Gospel Reflection for Sunday August 9th

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

We are all now experiencing a ‘new normal.’ We may still be feeling unsure and anxious. Can we stretch out our hand to Jesus as we hear him say to each of us, ‘Courage! It is I! Do not be afraid.’ Whatever storms we are experiencing today, we are not alone.

I invite you to read my gospel reflection for this Sunday.

With every blessing,

Br Michael Moore OMI

Gospel Reflection:
Fear and Faith

In many novels, plays and films there are storms. Characters look to grey skies and warn that a storm is coming. This is not just a weather forecast! In our own daily lives when we face difficult or painful situations we talk about ‘weathering a storm’ or ‘being all at sea.’

These recent months whether at a personal, local, national or global level, we have all weathered, battled and hopefully survived the storm that was and still is the Corona virus. It shook and rattled us and we all did our very best to hang on and survive. Hopefully these days now, that storm is easing for us. 

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