Faith Development Series

Father Frank’s Faith Development Talks on Tuesday nights have so far been well attended and enjoyed by all. The feedback from those in attendance has been very positive with one parishioner saying “I really enjoyed it. It was very accessible and easy to follow but still rich in theology”. The talks continue next Tuesday, 7th November, with the subject “How we worship the Eucharist”.

The first talk, entitled “God’s presence among us”, focused on linking the Church’s architecture to its Jewish roots. It explored the parallels between the temple of Jerusalem during Jesus’ time and the layout of the altar.

Last Tuesday’s talk was on the subject of Transubstantiation and linked the Jewish tradition of animal sacrifice to the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

The events feature a 30 minute talk followed by a 30 minute question and answer session. While these faith talks are aimed primarily at Eucharistic ministers and Ministers of the Word, all parishioners as well as anyone interested in faith development are more than welcome to attend.

Please join us in the Presbytery at 6.30pm. 

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