‘Doubting Thomas.’

Gospel Reflection for Divine Mercy Sunday April 19th
Divine Mercy Sunday & the Second Sunday of Easter

Without any question these are challenging and difficult times for all of us at a local, national and global level. We may feel like the apostles, while not hiding, we are being asked to keep our distance from others and even ‘self-isolate.’ We may feel more like Thomas than ever before; doubting, unsure and even afraid. But just as Jesus stood with his friends and brought them his peace at their time of greatest need, the same risen Lord says to you and me this very day, ‘Peace be with you.’ We are not alone. 

The Risen Lord is with us; he offer us his life-giving peace. Can we like Thomas respond in faith as we say together, ‘My Lord and my God?’

I hope you enjoy my short reflection on this Sunday’s gospel.

Happy Easter!

With every blessing,
Br Michael Moore OMI

Doubting or Believing Thomas?

As these challenging and uncertain days continue, in today’s gospel we meet the apostle who is forever known as ‘Doubting Thomas.’ After all their hopes and plans had been dashed, the apostles are hiding in case the Romans find them and do to them what they did to Jesus. They are afraid, anxious, worried and doing all they can to protect and save themselves; perhaps like so many around the world today because of the Coronavirus…

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