Church Garden

The next time you pass St. Joseph’s you will notice the space is much more open. We had 43 trees growing out of
control, most were of a poisonous nature and of little value to the pollinating creatures. They will be replaced by more environmentally pleasant trees as prescribed by Conway Council.

This action was taken to head off spiralling maintenance costs and were not consistent with a sound environment
policy. We now need to improve our garden by planting flowers and restoring the grass area. This will hopefully be a pleasant resource for the community.

Of course there is a cost. All contributions for this cause will be most welcome. Just label them as Garden Fund. Indeed some may wish to donate bulbs/seed that come up every year and help to attract bees and other little creatures that are finding it tough at this time. Whatever and however you wish to donate will be most welcome, and come Summer, you may sit back and enjoy your creation.

Fr. Frank Ryan, OMI

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