CAFOD – Coronavirus Appeal Message

The Corona virus is affecting the most vulnerable people in all societies. Just as the impacts of the coronavirus are being felt at unprecedented levels here in the UK, we are extremely concerned about the impact of that the virus will have on vulnerable and marginalised communities in developing countries with healthcare systems much more fragile than our own.  


In some countries there are almost no intensive care beds or ventilators. Food prices have already risen with borders closing, the poorest are losing their jobs and income with wholesale shutdowns. Furthermore, inadequate healthcare, lack of access to washing facilities and limited ability to social distance will result in loss of life on an intolerable scale. The likely impact will be devastating. 


We remember that we are one global family, united in this struggle. Now is the time for the world to unite in love and compassion. In order to continue protecting and improving the lives of those in poor communities, your prayers, voices and gifts are needed now, more than ever. Please visit to donate to our emergency appeal and please do share and spread our message to your fellow parishioners.

Pray with us 

Please pray for our staff and partners across the world and all the communities in the countries where we work and beyond. A prayer for these times is included overleaf. Additional prayer resources are available at 

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