Bryan Kelly – R.I.P

R.I.P. Bryan Joseph Kelly

Bryan Joseph Kelly was born in Warrington on 4th August 1948 son of the late Brian and Josephine Kelly. Bryan was also a younger brother to the late Peter Kelly. They moved to Wales in 1956 to the family home of 23A Ffordd y Graig and became a massive part of the community known and loved by everyone they came across. Being in a band expressing his love of music Bryan travelled about with the band, America and Germany being his highlights. When his brother Peter moved to guernsey and settled there with his late wife Jean, Bryan also tried island life for a season but his heart belonged to Wales so he moved back and eventually got a job at WHSmiths. Bryan never went on to have children but Jean and Peter blessed Bryan with his nephews Sean and Kieran then a few years later came along his niece Katie-Louise. Family was everything to Bryan he loved them all very much and was the best uncle always so supportive and there when they needed him. Sean and his partner Kelly went onto have Bryans great nephew’s football loving Jordan and Tyrese. Kieran found happiness and married Trevlyn. Katie had Bryan’s great niece Ellie-May then met her partner mark and together they have the youngest great nephew little Ollie. Bryan would often talk about his family and always with pride and a smile.

But of course his biggest love and pride which is known to everyone is how he spent most of his time with his additional family the colwyn bay football club, where he was a proud Kitman. He would never let the boys go out in dirty kit and followed them in every game they played across the country. Until Neil decided to order a white kit and Bryan threatened to leave the club as grass stains on white was his pet hate. It all got sorted though and Bryan’s last text was from Neil promising to never get a white kit again.

Bryan also loved a drink he especially enjoyed his holidays to Dublin with brother Peter every year for the best Guinness around. He could also be found in pubs especially red lion in Old Colwyn where they ordered black dragon especially for him. Bryan would often get a bus home and the driver knew where to drop him off.

He spent his final day in hospital with a mini bottle of Jameson’s he said it was the best medicine.

In March this year Bryan was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and because of covid unfortunately getting treatment took too long that when finally available he was unfortunately not strong enough.

In his final month he would look forward to spending his weekends with Katie and mark who would travel up from Hertfordshire and video calls to Kieran and Sean back in Guernsey. The final month was spent having a lot of laughs, tears and unconditional love. No words were left unsaid and he was comfortable and at peace with going upstairs. He leaves a massive hole in all our hearts but they are filled with the greatest memories.

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