Audrey Thelma Jowett – R.I.P.

Audrey passed away 9 March 2020 at 87 years of age. Her funeral is graveside on Tuesday, 24 March 2020.

Audrey was born in Birmingham in 1933. As a child she lived through the bombing of the Second World War. She remembered going to her grandparents Anderson Shelter and that some of the windows in her house were broken by the explosion. Although she wasn’t a Catholic, she went to a convent school and decided she wanted to convert to Catholicism at the age of 17.

She went on to train to become a primary teacher and worked in Ladywood for several years. During this time, she regularly came to Rhos-on-Sea to visit her aunt and uncle. While there she met Frank, who lived across the road. They fell in love and were married in St. Joseph’s in May 1959. Over the next nine years they had four children, Chris, Louise, John and Nick. Once all of them were at school she decided to go back to teaching and got a job at St. Joseph’s School.

After a few years she decided she was ready for a change and became a physiotherapy assistant in the Geriatric Day Centre at Llandudno Hospital. She absolutely loved this work and remained there until she retired in 1998.

She was blessed with 5 grandchildren, Emma, Tom, Joe, Hannah and Sam who she adored. All of them loved spending time with her and she always loved spoiling them. 

She will forever be greatly missed and by her family and friends and has left a huge gap in all their lives.

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