Anne Cavanagh – R.I.P

R.I.P Anne Cavanagh

Anne Cavanagh was born in Rochdale, the youngest of 6. After having her three children, Andrea, Damian and James, she moved to Old Colwyn in 1976 and lived there for 20 years. Anne, and her husband Roy, were well known characters in the village. Anne worked alongside Roy in his various self-employed ventures. When she was widowed, Anne moved to Craig-y-Don where she spent over 15 years volunteering in the local St David’s charity shops – she helped both by being a sales assistant and also by (appearing to) buy up half of their stock! Anne was known as ‘a nice lady’, ‘Lancashire Anne’, and for being laid-back and cheerful. She was very stoic and just got on with things (because ‘what’s the alternative?’), even completing a sponsored walk dressed as a pirate whilst recovering from chemotherapy. Her greatest pleasure was in being a loving Grandma.

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