An Afternoon of Muslim/Christian Friendship

This Saturday, September 21st between 12pm to 3pm in the Parish Centre a special event will be taking place, organised by Cytun (churches together).
This is the third time we have held an afternoon celebrating the friendship between Muslims and Christians in our area. Last year the Imam spoke and this year we are honoured to have Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald to speak . He has spent his whole life living in the world of Islam and Christianity, both as an academic and pastor.
There will be food and singing by our Filipino choir. The programme is as follows:
  • 12pm – Welcome and food
  • 12.45pm – Talk by the Archbishop
  • 2pm – Performance by the Filipino choir
  • 3pm – Goodbyes

You are all very welcome.

Archbishop Fitzgerald will also be presiding over our 11am Sunday Mass the following day. 


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