Actions speak louder than words

Gospel Reflection for Sunday September 27th

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Just as it was with the Scribes and Pharisees, there is always the danger that today I will say one thing and then do the very opposite. It is true; my actions do speak louder than my words! As I try to follow Jesus today, what do my actions say about me?

May what I believe in my heart and profess with my lips be seen in the work of my hands and in the quality of my daily life. 

Please enjoy my gospel reflection for this Sunday.

With every blessing,

Br Michael Moore OMI


Gospel Reflection:


Actions speak louder than words

For the second Sunday in a row, Jesus speaks to and teaches us through a parable. The point and truth of a parable is not based on whether it is true or really happened. The purpose of a parable is that we learn something about the reality of Kingdom of God and our own personal response to Jesus’ invitation to be his disciple today, here and now. Again this Sunday Jesus uses the rich image of the vineyard. 

At the time of Jesus a vineyard was a prized possession. It spoke of wealth, riches and prestige. It was a precious treasure to own and Jesus naturally used it to speak about the reality of God’s Kingdom. It is a fairly short and simple, yet very challenging parable.

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  • james mc coll

    Found this Gospel so relevant in the world of today.The words regarding mask wearing! It is something to ponder on. Actions speak louder than any fancy words.Something to always be wary of.

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