A True Christmas Story

St. Joseph’s pupil and parishioner, Christian Qualters (age 7), recently embraced the school’s motto to “Grow in Love” by sharing the true Christmas message with those less fortunate than himself. Eager to share the story of the baby Jesus, Christian came up with the idea to make gift packages which he called “Christian Cares”. Each parcel contained items such as a torch, a blanket, some sweets and a book about The Christmas Story.

After wrapping all the parcels, Christian and his sister Mary spent Christmas Day volunteering at a local community event for vulnerable individuals. As well as giving out Christian’s gift parcels, he and his family spent time serving Christmas lunch, doing magic tricks and bringing smiles to bring some Christmas cheer to others. Well done, Christian!   


  • jim mc coll

    Well done that boy!!and Family.

  • Garth Butcher

    What a truly inspirational act of compassion and kindness, particularly during the Christmas season. Well done to Christian and his family and thank you for showing us the way. May the Lord bless your efforts :0)

  • Lindsay

    What a beautiful story!

  • Julie Butcher

    This brought a few tears to my eyes whilst reading this story to Abi, WELL DONE Christian and Mary. That was a very thoughtful, kind hearted and selfless thing to do. Keep shining!

  • Chloe

    Christian and Mary are my cousins, definitely fitting with the kind hearted young people they are. Very proud and impressed, this was such a selfless way to spend Christmas Day.

  • Jim

    Congratulations Mary and Christian. That’s a very kind thing to do, good for you!

  • Wendy Spillane

    Christian and Mary, what you did was the true meaning of Christmas. Well done and I am very blessed to know you.. keep showing your special gifts to all around you – you and your wonderful family are truly outstanding! God bless you all.

  • Patrick Qualters

    Dear Christian and Mary. Mummy and I are very very proud of you both for your kindness and actions on Christmas Day. You are an inspiration, and what you did, is an example of how Jesus wants us to live our lives. We are so lucky and blessed to be your mummy and daddy, and we love you always.
    All my Love Daddy 😀xxxxxxxx

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